Friday, February 27, 2009

The beginning of sweetness with an artistic twist..

Greetings friends and fellow cheesecake connoisseurs

I want to welcome you to follow me through a journey of magical morsels of tongue temptations.Through waves of white chocolate and roads of caramel filled stars..I am here to please your taste buds with only the finest most delicious creations on earth..Keep up with me on the brittle path to success which yet nutty is soooo sweet.I am currently concocting a menu of desirable goodies for the world to please them selves with.So with out further a due please take a gander at my current menu an let me know all thoughts,opinions,and suggestions..I thank u much.Muah....Ms Valentine


  1. Mmm! Delicious! How about some peanut and raison oaty concoctions? You could make some chocolate ones too.

    By the way, are you allowed to ship these to the UK?

    P.S Feel free to follow my journal too.

  2. Thank you.I actually have some oatmeal,peanut butter,chocolate bars coming soon..Ive shipped to Canada and Australia so i should be able to ship to UK.Everything except the cheese cakes.Sorry...It would be a lot more difficult to ship..

  3. everything looks so delicious! darn it, there goes the diet! if you've got a moment check out my blog too:

  4. amazing stuff, i am now seriously craving sweet stuff lol!

  5. Oh my! I think I got some drool on my laptop!